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I am sad to announce that I won't be performing at VCONCERT 2013 in Mexico City on Nov. 16. For reasons beyond my control I wasn't able to secure a work visa in time to make the trip, and to get all my audio gear and synths safely through customs. I am extremely sorry if you were looking forward to seeing me, and I'm hoping to set up something equally as good in the near future.



Rom's latest dark ambient release Darkness III is now available, and is priced at "name your price", which can be set to $0.00.



Rom Di Prisco will be performing at VCONCERT 2013 in Mexico City on November 16. For more information click here.



Rom's chiptune EP Izometriik is finally available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon.



The Guacamelee Original Soundtrack is now available.



Guacamelee Gold Edition has been released on Steam.



Guacamelee is now available in the Playstation Store, and features some crazy breakbeat, chiptune, mariachi electronica tunes by Rom Di Prisco.



Check out the Guacamelee PS3 / PS Vita launch trailer featuring music by Rom Di Prisco.



Rom Di Prisco is scoring music for Canto, a new project from Tetrahedral Interactive. The game will feature an organic / experimental soundtrack, designed to compliment the beautiful 3D environments and deep skill-based fantasy combat action system. The Canto team have previously worked on titles such as EVE Online, Sleeping Dogs, and Tales From Space: Mutant Blobs Attack.



Rom Di Prisco scores music for the new Unreal Engine 4 real time demo at Sony's premiere of the Playstation 4!



Darkness II is now available, and includes an additional 25 minutes of dark ambient soundscapes, perfect for setting the mood for your next alien abduction. Darkness II is priced at "name your price", which can be set to $0.00.



Rom Di Prisco mixes and co-produces The Explorer, the new album on MetalGate Records from Czech electro metal band Minority Sound.



Fortnite. Comic-Con. New promo music by Rom. First Unreal Engine 4 game. PC exclusive.



Rom Di Prisco scores the music for the world premiere of Unreal Engine 4 from Epic Games.



Check out the Unreal Engine 3 Features Highlight 2012 trailer featuring a new track composed by Rom Di Prisco.



Epic Games' 20th Anniversary Original Soundtrack is now available, and completely free to download! The soundtrack features 2 tracks from Rom Di Prisco, a previously unreleased version of the Unreal Tournament Theme (from the Titan Pack Launch Trailer), and a bonus track, Cole Train Rap (from Gears of War), produced by Epic's Audio Director Mike Larson & Rom Di Prisco.



Check out the Unit:187 remix album Transfusion, featuring new remixes from Rom Di Prisco, Skinny Puppy, Witchmaker, Front Line Assembly, and 16volt.



Exosphere, the first track from Rom Di Prisco's new album is now available for download, and Rom is excited to announce that the track and the entire album will be available for "name your price", which includes FREE!



Rom is very happy to announce he is composing the soundtrack for Guacamelee!, a Metroid-vania style action-platformer from Drinkbox Studios.



Rom's 5-track chiptune EP Izometriik is done and dusted, and available in the shop.



Back by popular demand, Omicron Velorum is now available to download for free. If you enjoy the track, please consider making a small donation (even just a dollar or two) to the Japanese Red Cross Society, your local Red Cross, or any other awesome charity of your choice, and spread the love.



Rom is very excited to announce that he is once again working with Epic Games, and will be composing the soundtrack for Infinity Blade: Dungeons, a new adventure set in the award-winning Infinity Blade universe to be released later this year for iOS devices.



Rom Di Prisco's remix of Rich Guy Poor Guy for Ku-Ling Bros (a project by Cabaret Voltaire founding member Stephen Mallinder & Shane Norton of Soundlab) is now available worldwide on iTunes.



Rom's music featured in the new Unreal Engine 3 Support for Adobe Flash Player trailer from Epic Games.



Square Enix Music Online reviews Cryptidalia, giving it a perfect 10/10 score.



Rom Di Prisco releases Darkness, over 30 minutes of dark ambient soundscapes perfect for setting the mood for the impending zombie apocalypse. The album is priced at "name your price", which can be set to $0.00.



Rom remixes Rich Guy Poor Guy for Ku-Ling Bros, a project by Cabaret Voltaire founding member Stephen Mallinder & Shane Norton of Soundlab. The remix is featured on the new Rich Guy Poor Guy / Space Junk EP coming out next month on dPulse Recordings / Offworld Sounds, and includes artwork by The Designers Republic.



Check out Rom's Unreleased Music Collection, featuring tracks from TV shows, trailers, video games, and demos. These are songs that have previously not been commercially released, that Rom still retains the rights to. More tracks will be added to this collection in the future...



Psi, the first song from Rom Di Prisco's new 5 track chiptune EP Izometriik is now available in the shop. Watch for more new tracks to be added to the EP in the coming weeks.



Rom remixes Zombie B-Boy, the debut single from trip-hop/electro rock group Count Your Curses. Get infected here.



Rom Di Prisco's Octaves remix for Powerplant now available as a free download.



Cryptidalia Remixes EP now available worldwide on iTunes and Amazon.



Check out the 2011 Unreal Engine 3 Features trailer from Epic Games, featuring music by Rom Di Prisco.



Cryptidalia Remixes EP is now complete, and available in the shop. Watch for some free bonus tracks to be added in the near future.



Rom remixes Analyzing The Forbidden for Czech electro/metal band Minority Sound. Listen to a preview.



Omicron Velorum now available in the shop. This limited edition track will only be available for 70 days, with 100% of all proceeds donated directly to the Japanese Red Cross Society to help with the Japan relief effort. Thank you for your support!



Remixes of Gamma Velorum, Troposphere, and Zenermancy are now available in the shop. Stay tuned, more new tracks will be added to the Cryptidalia Remixes EP in the coming weeks.



Rom's music featured in the Unreal Development Kit official launch trailer from Epic Games, and in a series of UDK promotional videos, including the recent Unreal Development Kit with iOS Support trailer.



Interview with Rom Di Prisco on Square Enix Music Online.



Rom releases his debut full-length solo album Cryptidalia. The album features 10 brand new tracks, with over an hour of new music in total, and is available as a completely FREE download for a limited time.



Check out the new Unit:187 album Out for Blood, featuring new members Chris Peterson (Front Line Assembly) and Ross Redhead (Decree), and featuring 2 tracks (Threatened, DDD) co-written and with additional production by Rom Di Prisco. Out for Blood is mixed by Skinny Puppy producer Hiwatt Marshall.


Rom has been busy working on the soundtrack of a new game project in development. More info coming soon, when the project is officially announced...



Rom scores the trailer for the new Titan Pack expansion for Unreal Tournament 3 from Epic Games. The trailer features a brand new remix of the classic Unreal Tournament Theme.




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